What Makes a Good Tattoo?

What Makes a Good Tattoo?

So we all know about tattoos, they have become a huge staple of modern day society and are now heavily influenced by fashion. But what actually makes a good tattoo?

Getting a quality tattoo involves a number of considerations that must be put in place. Here are some of the factors that make a good tattoo

tattoo cardiff
Is this a good tattoo?

Identify your personality

A good tattoo is one which identifies with your personality. Each and every person has their own unique personality. This includes what you strongly believe in, the qualities that you identify with. Just like a person’s personality tattoos also stay with a person for long.

Long term ideas

Tattoos last for long periods of time and should not be based on issues that concern a short period of time or a phase of life. One should focus on ideas that are life time when choosing a tattoo. Trends change and people also transform basing a tattoo on a short term idea cause one to have it removed once the idea has become old fashioned.

Get the right size

When getting a tattoo of your choice, do not be so conservative. Many people have regretted even after getting the right choice of a tattoo because they got the size wrong. Always consider a larger size of a tattoo that can be able to capture the details and have a greater aesthetic value. Getting tiny tattoos is regrettable most of the time.

black and grey tattoo
A great example utilising space for your new tattoo

Use expert artists

Not every tattoo artist is the good in designing the tattoo that you require. A tattoo a artist plays a vital role and determines the quality of a tattoo that you can get. One has to be inquisitive from friends who have quality tattoos on where they got their tattoo from. An expert artist equals a quality tattoo and one cannot afford to miss that.

Raging Swan Tattoo Studio located in Rumney, Cardiff is a great example of of our favourite Tattoo parlours. When we travel to Wales we regularly visit Dom Curtin. Dom specialises in Black and Grey custom tattoo work and a variety of other popular tattoo methods.

Avoid mushrooming trends

Some trends just appear for a given period of time and then disappear. If you spot a design that everyone is eager to get, then one should probably avoid it at all costs. This is because it’s a likely trend that has just come up and will die down after sometime. Jumping on the bandwagon of this trend might make one to regret a few years after.

face tattoo
Piece of art or one step too far?

Choice of body part

The choice of the part of the body where the tattoo is to be placed is critical when getting a tattoo. Some tattoo designs do not work well with some areas of the body. The part of the body in which the tattoo is placed determines whether the tattoo will be easily visible or hidden. A good tattoo expert should be better placed to advice their client on where best a tattoo should be done.

Get an ideal design

Some little research on the ideal design of the tattoo that you need is necessary. It helps broaden your ideas on the kind of tattoo that you need. Not every design works for everyone. There are a good number of authentic online galleries that one can go and choose a design that pleases them.


Have the details.

One should have in mind the details of the tattoo that they want, the specific design shape and size. This should also be discussed in details with the tattoo artist so that there is total agreement on what you want. Sometime a print out might be necessary to make clear what you want.


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ROOKIES – Been A While Cover

Cover Gold!

So we stumbled across this amazing cover while we were working in the studio today!

As many of you know the amazing Sam Feldt recently released his video for Been A While on Spinnin Deep Records.

So we just found out that this track was actually written by the songwriter and producer duo ROOKIES and they have been kind enough to upload an original version of the track all nice and acoustic.

So we just LOVE this and wanted to share it in all its awesomeness with you guys :)

Take a look at Sam Feldt – Been A While (ROOKIES Acoustic Cover)


Sam Feldt - Been A While Cover

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This Jewellery Rocks

Wow, This Jewellery Rocks!

Over the years the jewellery market has completely blown up and with the introduction of a vast range of on-line retailers the options for purchasing have never been so huge!

beautiful jewellery

Some of our favourite items of jewellery on the market today are listed below


Amazon Silver Heart Necklace

A stunning example of fine craftmanship with a beautiful silver heart


Swarovski Silver Necklace

We just love Swarovski! This beautiful example is one of our favourites


Sterling Silver & Purple Cubic Zirconia Pendant

H Samuel is a great provider of some of the finest jewels on the market, With a vast range of gorgeous necklaces, rings and more


Personalised Russian Ring Necklace

This Russian ring from Not On The High Street is to die for,



Lets fly away with this gorgeous silver necklace from Pandora! Who’s in?


If only jewellery like this was free, we would just shop all day. We just love to review Jewellery items so please send them to us!


Shopping is so fun and with the vast range of shops in the jewellery market available you will always find something new for you to buy


We hope you have found this article on Some of the types of Silver jewellery available. Please tell your friends and feel free to drop us an email or leave us a comment sometime :)


Lots of Love


Kusca xx

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Great Quirky Jewellery

Unique jewellery

Jewellery is every woman’s want, to have something beautiful, unique and creative just for her. The only problem is, with the introduction of mass production after the industrial revolution craftsmanship and the uniqueness of every item being crafted from scratch disappeared. Now we are simply left with high street jewellery or overpriced boutique/alternative necklaces, so where is the in between? Where is the artistic flare, reasonable price, innovative and forward design? Well the answer is on-line! If you want to find some truly unique like trinkets, charms, ornaments, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, quirky jewellery, you are more than likely to find it on Lonely Moon

Now the opportunity to start up your own webpage has become as easy as getting a record deal everyone is jumping at the chance. This has given a massive rise in the amount of exceptional and one-off pieces in the world, many coming from the young design community and the older generations that finally have the opportunity to follow their dream.

Quirky home made items

So steer clear from the high street and the high end yet still mass produced jewellery because honestly who wants to spend over a thousand pounds on an absurdly stunning piece and go to a party and find someone has the exact same item. I feel it kind of defeats the point as well as robbing its expected and paid for exclusivity. You can find visual arousing pieces and reasonable prices online easily all you have to do is do a bit of research.

It is isn’t easy to find cool on-line stores granted, search engines don’t have this feature yet, but from my research it will be on its way soon and it won’t be by and it won’t be the way you think. So how do you find these sites? Well there will be a link at the bottom of this article to one but without sounding biased I’ll explore further, as search engines work in keywords what you need to do is give your search as much specific information as possible so for example you want to browse some cool funky red feature necklaces for your party on Saturday, you could type in unique, red, feather, necklace, shop.

You will then be given a load of links to quirky on-line stores, personal webpages, university based shops and other cool outlets with jewellery on them. You have literally hundreds of options to work from and after you’ve given a few variations on your keywords and over viewed a few websites you will soon become an expert and finding beautiful rings on-line. You’ll break the mould and beat the crowd and isn’t that supposed to be what being unique is all about?

brilliant unique jewellery
brilliant unique jewellery

Homeware for the soul

Fashion accessories that are unusual or haven’t been seen before are a great way to get a compliment. By dressing up with accessories, the smallest or boldest statement can be made about someone. If someone were to decide to wear a large diamond ring, it would show wealth and beauty, whereas if someone were to wear a cross it could show a religious person.

Adding quirky jewellery to an outfit can make a dress dainty for evening wear, or outrageous and funky for casual wear. Taking for example a simple dress, it can be dressed up for evening wear by adding to it gold or silver jewellery with diamonds, which will make a look that’s sophisticated and wealthy.



You can find more over at www.lonelymoon.rocks

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